Introduction to the Five Most Popular Majors For Studying in Germany

Introduction to the Five Most Popular Majors For Studying in Germany

Law major: Germany is the representative country of the civil law system, and the German code is the reference basis for many civil law countries to formulate codes. my country is also a country with a civil law system, so it is very beneficial for students studying law in China to study in Germany.
In ManagerMagazin’s ranking of law majors, University Muenster is ranked No. 1, and University Freiburg is famous for law and ranks No. 10.
Economics: As one of the seven economic powers in the West, Germany’s economy ranks first in Europe (equal to the sum of Britain and France), and its economic aggregate is second only to the United States and Japan, ranking third in the world. buy FOM Hochschule fake diploma, FOM Hochschule fake degree for sale, buy fake Germany degree online, obtain FOM Hochschule fake diploma, Known as the “locomotive of the European economy”. Its GDP accounts for one-third of the European Union. Its domestic universities attach great importance to the teaching quality of economics.
Choice of schools: University of Cologne, University of Mannheim, University of Münster, University of Frankfurt, University of Dortmund, University of Hanover, University of Freiburg

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Philosophy, history and news: German philosophers are world-renowned, Hegel, Marx, and Engels have all made indelible achievements in the history of world philosophy.
Choice of schools: University of Cologne, University of Freiburg, University of Bielefeld, University of Jena, University of Heidelberg, University of Dortmund

Environmental science: Germany’s heavy industry is well-known in the world, but Germany is still picturesque, thanks to the Germans’ emphasis on environmental protection. Germany’s environmental protection awareness has been cultivated from daily life since childhood, and a set of environmentally-centered lifestyles has long been formed. In China, the unsustainable economic development of many cities in recent years has caused the living environment to deteriorate day by day. where to make FOM Hochschule fake diploma, purchase FOM Hochschule fake degree, order FOM Hochschule fake certificate, Now the government has paid attention to and stepped up efforts to solve environmental problems, and the cooperation between the Chinese and German governments on environmental protection has become more and more frequent. , The high-end environmental protection professionals are very hot and in short supply. Under this situation, the future prospects for studying environmental protection in Germany are very impressive.
Alternative schools: Dresden University of Technology, University of Göttingen, Hamburg University of Technology, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Jena, University of Stuttgart

Mechanical Engineering: Germany is known as a country on wheels, and its automotive expertise is needless to say. As we all know, the machinery manufacturing industry in Germany is world-class, and the automobile design manufacturing industry is the strongest in the world! After the Germans invented the automobile in 1886, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and so on appeared in Germany, the world’s top automobile brands known to women and children all over the world. Many students from all over the world came to Germany to study automobile majors with a pilgrimage and piety. After returning to their country, they became the leaders of the automobile industry in their own countries.
Alternative schools: RWTH Aachen University, Technical University of Munich, Karlsruhe University of Technology, Darmstadt University of Technology, Braunschweig University of Technology, Dresden University of Technology, University of Stuttgart, Technical University of Berlin, Dortmund University of Technology, Ilmenau University of Technology, University of Hannover

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