1. Can studying in high school in Canada help you apply for top schools in the United States?
In recent years, more and more students have come to Canada to study in high schools. On the one hand, Canada is one of the countries with the highest level of education in the world, and the quality of education is also very high. On the other hand, because it is close to the United States, it can lay a certain foundation for future applications to well-known American universities. buy fake Canada degree online, fake degree, buy fake certificate online, This unique geographical location can satisfy the desire of some foreign students studying in high school to enter American universities through Canada as a springboard.
It should be noted that when applying to study in a Canadian high school, there are certain requirements for the academic performance of junior high school and high school students. Generally speaking, the requirements are above 75 points, and some requirements are above 80 points. Although there is no language requirement for students to apply for high school, if they want to better integrate into the local study life, they still need to work harder in their studies.
Public schools are slightly better than private schools in terms of education funding, teachers and teaching hardware. However, private schools complement public schools and make up for the lack of flexibility of public schools. In addition, private schools will provide students with specific personal guidance, which helps immigrant students complete ESL courses as soon as possible.

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Therefore, whether it is better to go to a public school or a private school should be decided according to the situation of the students and cannot be generalized. For example, some children are young and have poor self-discipline. Getting meticulous care and strict discipline from teachers in private schools is more conducive to their healthy growth.

What kind of child is suitable for high school in Canada?
After all, I want to leave my parents and live outside alone, so my children are required to be more independent in life. Canadian high school education does not respect authority, so children who dare to express their ideas are more likely to succeed. At the same time, most Canadians like to communicate, and outgoing children can easily integrate into the environment in a short time.

When is a good time to go to Canadian high school?
The main requirements of Canadian universities now: If you complete four years of high school study in Canada, you can’t override the requirements of language expression. buy fake Athabasca University diploma, fake Athabasca University degree for sale, how to buy fake Athabasca University degree, Every high school also encourages international students to read in the first grade of high school (that is, our grades), and the school can accept students Complete high school education to fully understand the essence of Canadian culture.
Canadian high schools accept students from grades 9 to 11. In Canadian public high schools, it takes at least two years to complete high school, so high schools generally do not accept 12th grade students. If applying to a private elite school, it is recommended that students apply for 9th or 10th grade. The school believes that only from the ninth grade can students better grasp the cultural connotation of the school.

How long does it take for high school students to study in Canada?
Usually, application starts one year in advance. If you want to apply to a prestigious university, the requirements will be higher, and the application should be made as soon as possible. BUY FAKE DIPLOMA ONLINE, If you are just starting to prepare now, prepare as soon as possible and don’t rush to apply after the college entrance examination.

How much does it cost to study in Canada?
The annual cost of studying in a Canadian public high school is about 150,000 yuan (tuition and living expenses). The monthly transportation cost is 600 Canadian dollars, the food cost is 150 Canadian dollars, and the school or family accommodation fee is 8 Canadian dollars per year. The cost of private nobles is much higher, about 300 to 350,000 yuan per year (tuition and living expenses).

6. Do I still use the college entrance examination for high school and university in Canada?
There is no unified university entrance examination in Canada. Students applying for universities mainly depend on their average grades during high school and various social activities they have participated in over the years. And unlike China, the final exam of students only accounts for 30% of the total score, and the remaining 70% is composed of usual homework, quizzes, each project and PRESENTATION, as well as the sense of participation in the classroom, attendance and other comprehensive factors. .

7. How to choose courses in Canadian high schools?
Canadian high schools implement a credit system: in Ontario, for example, one credit for each course is enough to get 30 points for graduation. Among them, 18 are divided into compulsory courses, and the remaining 12 credits are divided into elective courses. Elective courses are mainly to prepare students for entering university or looking for a job in the future. Students can choose their own majors and interests in future universities. In this way, students begin to think about their future development direction from the high school stage, and choose university-related courses. Therefore, although Canadian high school graduates are not as good as Chinese students in mathematics, physics and chemistry, they have strong practical and participation abilities.